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The New Nation Education Company

This is the break every South African needs

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The opportunity to uplift themselves and their families.

Educating the more than 14 million school-going children in South Africa

Despite the improvements over the past 20 years. With respect to the numbers of children engaged in formal education in South Africa. Much more needs to be done about the quality of education that all children receive.

The GW Corporation t/a New Nation Education

South Africa has many fundamental challenges including crime, poverty, and unemployment. At the New Nation Education Company, we believe that almost all these issues can be effectively and significantly reduced by providing a great education to our youth.

The key to success is to treat the root cause of poverty, unemployment, and crime. We believe that the only effective long-term treatment is sustained high levels of education within schools.

This is where the New Nation Education Company fits in. Our research shows that an average of R11,000 per child per year is required. To provide a decent school education. Which will effectively equip a student with the tools to continue their journey towards tertiary education or employment.

It is the mission of the New Nation Education Company to deploy a network marketing model to raise these funds. Our network marketing model, yet, is a little different!

We sell standard products that are all obtainable off-the-shelf at all local supermarkets. Our strategy is based on the fact that the general public has existing shopping habits. They are generally loyal to existing brands. We aim to offer the public access to the same big brands that they are purchasing already. The difference is that they will purchase some of their groceries through the New Nation Education Company. Commissions from the sales will be paid to the school of the members’ choice. As the networks grow in the communities, the respective school funds grow with them.

To raise the annual funds required (approx. R134 billion). We need all the people of South Africa to buy into the concept and help in making South Africa a great country.

Be a part of the solution, this life-changing program will build a better life for you, and your family. Your participation can change the course of this country. Not only for your own benefit but also for millions of others. Who will, in turn, contribute to a heritage for all the citizens of South Africa.

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