This is an opportunity for every South African, rich or poor, unemployed or student to uplift themselves and their families.

Educating the 12.2 million school going children in South Africa

Despite the improvement over the past 20 years with respect to the numbers of children engaged in formal education in South Africa, much more has to be done about the quality of education that all children receive.

The GW Corporation t/a New Nation Education

It is true that South Africa has many fundamental challenges including crime, poverty and unemployment. At New Nation Education we believe that almost all of these issues can be effectively and significantly reduced by providing a level of education for our youth that can stand proudly next to the best in the world.

The key to success, however, is to treat the root cause of poverty, unemployment and crime. We believe that the only effective long-term treatment is sustained high levels of education within schools.

This is where New Nation Education fits in. Our calculations indicate that an average of R11,000 per child per year is required to provide a school education that will effectively equip a student with the tools to continue on their journey towards tertiary education or employment.

It is the dream and mission of New Nation Education to deploy a network marketing model to raise these funds. Our network marketing model, however, is a little different! We sell standard products that are all obtainable off-the-shelf at all local supermarkets. The roots of our strategy hinge on the fact that the general public have existing shopping habits and are generally loyal to existing brands. We aim to offer the public access to exactly the same big brands that they are purchasing already – the only difference is that they will be purchasing some of their products through New Nation Education. Commissions from the sales are paid to the school of the members’ choice. As the networks grow in the communities, the respective school funds grow with them

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In order to raise the annual funds required (approx. R134 billion), we clearly need all the people of South Africa to buy into the concept and help in making South Africa the country we all know it can be.

Get involved in this life changing program and build a better life for yourself, your family and the youth of South Africa. Your participation can change the course of this country , not only for your own benefit, but also for millions of others who will in turn contribute to a heritage for all the citizens of South Africa.

All it takes is for you to purchase some of your monthly groceries from New Nation Education every month and enjoy the benefits of our program

Social Upliftment

Primary upliftment accomplished through a commission based program that enables schools and communities to generate the funds required for the upgrade of fundamentals such as school buildings, teaching mediums, educational excursions, educational staff, feeding schemes or any other type of upliftment that contributes towards the quality of their educational systems. Community upliftment achieved by virtue of the participants incentive scheme and the pay back rewards distributed to members accordingly.

How the concept works:

1. This is a network marketing type business, with one major difference, we do not sell a specific brand of product. We sell all the normal groceries one would purchase every month from a local supermarket.

2. As everyone is already purchasing groceries, you do not have to sell products, you only need to market the opportunity.

3. There is a minimum monthly purchase threshold for all natural persons who wish to remain in the network. The minimum monthly threshold is R259.00 excluding vat, postage and packaging. Students and unemployed customer do not need to make this minimum purchase to remain active.

4. Schools, clubs, societies and any other business type will need to make the minimum monthly purchase threshold of R2590.00 excluding vat, postage and packaging. These customers are not classified as a natural person.

5. We payout 25% commission on the value of all groceries purchased by others, excluding VAT.

6. New Nation Education will only pay commissions to level three.

7. There is no capital outlay, there is no previous experience needed, there is no product knowledge needed and
there is no training needed.

8. To earn commission you will need to introduce other people to the concept, when they join, you earn commission on what ever they purchase

9. You introduce people and these people would be part of your 1st level you can earn 5% on everything each person on your 1st level spends each month excluding VAT post & packaging.

10. The people, your 1st level introduces will become your 2nd level and you will earn 4 to 8% on everything each
person on your 2nd level spends every month excluding VAT post & packaging.

11. The people, your 2nd level introduces will be your 3rd level and you will earn 2 to 12% on everything each person on your 3rd level spends every month excluding VAT post & packaging.

12. The more people you have on your 1st level the higher your commission will be (see the table below).

13. Commissions are paid out the month after the purchases were made, but if the total commission you earned that month is less than R100.00 it will not be transferred until it is more than R100.00. (Due to banking charges)

14. Although our products are a bit more expensive than the big supermarkets at present, these prices will drop and become closer to the prices in the large supermarkets over the next year or two. The business opportunity allows you to earn commission, there is no supermarket that will pay you a commission for bringing your family their to shop.

15. The deliveries will be done by courier companies and will cost a bit extra, this will also
come down in the next year or two, as we get more customers in your area we will have school kids delivering parcels in the future, so we can reduce the price and give the school kids some pocket money at the same time.

16. Our product range will also grow larger and larger each month eventually our customers will be able to order their whole months groceries with us.

17. Before any products will be shipped, proof of payment will need to be sent through to New Nation Education

18. Being part of New Nation Education allows you to take advantage of some great TAX Breaks

19. You are already purchasing the products, you are only changing your supplier so that you can get better rewards and help the children of South Africa.

20. If you would like to become part of this great company, please go to the top of the home page and register, thank you.

So one can earn high commissions on all the groceries purchased by people in their down line.
The percentages start increasing as the customer introduces more customers onto his/her 1st level, for every ten active customers on
their 1st level they get a higher percentage reward. See table below.

Number of people on your1st level Bronze Member, 9 or less Silver Member, 10 or more Gold Member, 20 or more Platinum Member, 30 or more Diamond Member, 40 or more
Level 1 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%
Level 2 4% 5% 6% 7% 8%
Level 3 2% 3% 5% 8% 12%

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