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The New Nation Education Company

1. How do I register?

You simply click on the register button at the top left-hand corner of the website www.gwcorp.co.za

2. What type of customer am I?

We have four types of customers.

  • Unemployed person, that would be anyone who is unemployed, but also includes pensioners and people on social grants.
  • Students, are people studying but over the age of 16 and not receiving an income from any company or business.
  • An employed person is none of the above, basically if you are earning an income for working for a company, a business, your own business or any government institution.
  • Business/school, these would be any school or society (Like blind society, or paraplegics or organizations that help others mainly NPO’s)

3. Who is my sponsor?

Your sponsor would be the person that told you about the opportunity and introduced you to the company. Normally a person, but if you are a parent and you were introduced at a school parent meeting, the school maybe your sponsor.

4. How do I invite other people to join?

a. You would tell them about the business opportunity, you would need to be comfortable that you know enough about the business, if not.
b. You would invite your prospect along to one of the Seminars or training sessions
c. Or you could set up a three-way telephone call so that one of us can help with any questions your prospect may have.

5. How would I know if someone I introduced has joined?

a. You would login to your New Nation Education account on the www.gwcorp.co.za website and go into your back office, you then click on Genealogy this will give you a list of all the people below you and how much they purchased that month, you are able to download this in a spreadsheet format.

6. What are the start-up fees or costs?

a. There are no start-up fees or membership fees
b. We have no starter kit so there is no large start-up outlay
c. To become an active member and earn commission, you only have to make a monthly minimum purchase of R295.26 as a person or R2952.60 as a school, company or society.

7. When will I become inactive?

a. A member will become inactive if they fail to make their minimum monthly purchase 2 months in a row (62 days)

8. How many memberships can a customer have?

a. Each customer may only be registered once on our system at any given time.

9. If I don’t want to earn any commission, may I still be an active member?

a. That would be fine, you would then simply be a customer that wishes to make a change to the situation in South Africa.

10. How many levels below me will I earn commission from?

a. The New Nation Education Company pays commission down to three levels below you.

11. Is there a roll-up system?

a. No we do not have a roll-up system at the moment.

12. How often will commission be paid out?

a. Commissions will be paid out on the last day of the month after the purchase where made.
b. Only if the commission exceed R100.00 (to limit banking fees)

13. How many customers do I need to introduce?

a. That would be determined by the amount of commission you would like to earn monthly

14. Do I need to introduce other people to the business opportunity?

a. Yes, if you want to earn a commission
b. No, if you only want to be a customer

15. Will I get commission every month from the people I introduce?

a. As long as you remain active and your customers purchase every month, you will earn commission every month for the rest of your life. In fact you can leave this to your children in your “WILL”

16. What is my greatest RISK?

a. The greatest risk is if you don’t join, you will be in the same position in 5 years
b. Well if you are only a purchasing customer, then you would get your groceries every month and a percentage of your purchase would go to your sponsor every month (school, society or person) I don’t think you could call it a Risk or loss.

17. How will the schools actually benefit from any funds raised?

a. The schools have to join the company in order to earn their commission.
b. Then you register under that school, every month you make a purchase they will earn a percentage of your purchase.
c. To give you an idea of how well this works when compared to other system like special cards which the schools get a percentage of your purchase, Let’s say 10 people purchase R2000.00 worth of groceries that is R20,000.00 total spend from the school card system they will receive around R400.00. From our system with the same value of groceries R20,000.00 the school will receive around R5,000.00.

18. To whom will the funds be paid, (schools) and how will it be managed?

a. The commission paid to the schools will go into the school bank account, the schools that are members of the New Nation Education Company will have a forensic audit each year. This is just to keep everyone honest.

19. How can anybody get a tax break from purchasing groceries through your organisation?

a. When a customer purchases groceries through the New Nation Education Company and starts earning commission, they become a provisional taxpayer. When you are a provisional taxpayer you are basically running a business, that means you are allowed to take all the tax breaks that a company would be allowed to take.

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