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The New Nation Education Company

GW Corp – Core Values

  • Family First
  • Sponsored Education for all Children in South Africa
  • Job Creation & Poverty Reduction
  • Crime Reduction
  • Dignity

New Nation Education: Mission Statement

With continuous marketing and motivation we will focus on educating the youth of South Africa, to create a better life for all who live here. To uplift communities, reduce poverty and crime so we can all live together as the rainbow nation we should be. To grow the people of South Africa with integrity, honesty and accountability.

New Nation Education: VISION

To be the company that uplifts the whole nation by giving every South African child the opportunity of a good education. While giving everyone the possibility of being self-employed and self-efficient. To move the South African economy forward every year.

So what do I need to do?

1. You need to register
2. You need to make a groceries purchase of R295.26 every month
3. You need to educate other people on the importance of earning a passive income and how easy it is to start earning the passive income.
4. We need to show people how important it is to help others.

So what is a passive income?

1. In our business a passive income is the commission you will earn every month.
2. This commission will be a percentage of the value of the groceries purchased by the people down to three levels below you.
3. A passive income is money that flows into your bank account, that is not directly related to the hours you work, but related to the effort you have committed to earning it.
4. A passive income will continue to flow into your bank account even when you stop working at it.
5. RICH people make large investments to earn interest which is a form of a passive income. We allow anyone to earn a passive income without any investment but time.

Why is a passive income important?

1. Once you have created it, it will keep flowing into your bank account
2. If you lose your job, your passive income will carry you and your family
3. The passive income will allow you to do all the things you have been dreaming about doing in life
4. The passive income can be left to your children in your will
5. This is the only thing stopping you from having a good quality life style
6. Today it is very important to earn a passive income, you don’t know how long you will still be employed.
7. You can earn a passive income talking to people part-time or when you meet them.

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